I’m Spencer, and I make and break software — bilingually!

I’m currently a security consultant at NCC Group, where I do web application and network penetration testing, as well as quite a bit of independent research. I’m primarily interested in the low-level aspects of computing: operating systems, kernels, networking, and even a bit of hardware. My research publications, which include whitepapers, talks, tools, and libraries, are listed on the Research page.

I’m fluent in Mandarin, and spend a substantial portion of my daily time speaking, listening to, and reading the language; virtually all nontechnical media I consume is in Chinese, and the rest is usually at least China-related. My interest will, of course, be reflected on this site: I plan to dedicate a section to translations of the Chinese literature I read, and furthermore, I intend to translate as many of my English posts here into Mandarin as possible, both to improve my language ability and to make this site more accessible to Chinese readers.