Over the last few months, I’ve been steadily reading the Gui Chui Deng (Ghost Blows Out the Light) series using Pleco’s fabulous Reader addon. I use the Android version of Pleco, however, where the reader is much more limited: it can only open plaintext and EPUB files. Support for the latter is still in beta, and in my experience it’s too buggy to rely on at the moment. As such, I’m still using TXT files exclusively.

It turns out it’s hard to find good-quality TXT versions of the full and unadulterated GCD web series for local reading. I’ve thus far been using a set that I found online on some random Chinese download site, but the files are slightly corrupted. Certain characters have been mis-encoded such that they scramble all the following characters in the sentence whenever they appear. (Amusingly, one such character is “雮” in “雮尘珠”, the MacGuffin of the entire series. As one might expect, it is mentioned frequently enough to garble a substantial portion of the text.)

During most of my recent reading, I’ve been listening to an audiobook version as I follow along in Pleco Reader, so this hasn’t been a huge issue, as I can at least still hear the correct text. However, I finally had the time to write a web scraper to generate canonical TXT versions straight from the source at guichuideng.org. All the links are below.

Note that these are 100% unedited originals, so they do contain some mistakes. Usually it’s just a few mistyped homophone characters here and there, but there are also some weird points where Shirley’s name appears as “Shinley” for whole swaths of the text…