Tools & Libraries

  • xendbg, a feature-complete reference implementation of a modern Xen VMI debugger.
  • locdown, a command-line tool to fetch audio and metadata from the Library of Congress Jukebox.
  • cabd, an audiobook downloader compatible with various popular Chinese audiobook websites.
  • menubar-toggle, a Mac OS X command-line tool that toggles the menu bar autohide behavior.


Technical Advisories

Open-Source Contributions

  • systemd, a service manager: Unique identifiers for EFISTUB entries, which makes possible automated selection of default and oneshot boot entries.
  • Sway, an i3-compatible Wayland compositor: the scroll_factor input configuration option.
  • Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead, an open-world zombie-apocalypse-themed roguelike: NPC mutation system, overdose symptoms, monster item stealing behavior, various bugfixes and minor features.