Spencer Michaels

Ghost Blows Out the Light, Volume I: Ancient City of the Jingjue Kingdom

The events of Ghost Blows Out the Light: Ancient City of the Jingjue Kingdom are set into motion by an old family heirloom, a tattered manuscript of occult knowledge. Seeking the truth behind the disappearance of an ancient tribe, three grave robbers draw on the mystic art of Feng Shui, unlock the mysteries of uncharted lands, and seek the great tombs of ages long past, lost deep beneath the earth. Hidden perils abound as the trio leaves no stone unturned. In the bizarre and extraordinary world of the underground, they’ll pull back the veil of history, one layer at a time…


Grave robbing is no sightseeing tour. It isn’t poetry, and it isn’t art. It’s nothing so elegant, refined, subtle, or respectable. Grave robbing is a skill — a destructive skill. In ages past, when it came time for nobles to build their final resting places, they were determined above all else to ward off thieves, and in this, they spared no effort. Tombs were filled with all kinds of concealed mechanisms, traps, and switches: falling boulders and sand, poison arrows, venomous insects, pits, and a host of other dangers.

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